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world maps

Postby DONIHR » Dec 4, 2005 (2:22 am)

I love old world maps, I have a question though. The cities: Runa, Claellyra, Wolfsberg, fairview and Telin, of which races would each of them be? if there's knowledge of that yet, I know I'm asking ahead here. Thanks
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Postby GDEXXY » Dec 15, 2005 (6:45 pm)

I can tell you some of what I know from the top of my head, the rest is under heavy development and/or unpublished info:

Isiilian Islands and Fairview are both cities with heavy Avian population. Of course, the Isiilian Islands were abandoned long ago, for reasons partially unknown, so all that's left are a few ruins.

Telin houses mostly humans. It is a rough town, full of pirates, mercenaries, and hired thugs, so you'll find the occasional dwarf, goblin, and half-ogre there too, but it is really home to no particular race.

Claellyra, Wolfsburg, and Runa will be revealed if they do or do not have a particular race that originates there.

Crystal Caverns is home to many dwarves, their citadel deep underground.

V'Rung is a city of trolls and there is an extensive history posted elsewhere at the forums.

Bramblebrook is a Halfling city.

Cal'Ziz, Semanri, D'Mare Fin, and Tes'Kata are too inter-populated for just a single race.

Minotaurs, Ogres, Goblins, Elves, Rurowli, Drago, and others come from other continents, but certainly may have established civilization on the continent of Liegendir.
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