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i don't know how to use ability points

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i don't know how to use ability points

Postby SOBE » Nov 21, 2005 (10:41 pm)

i have been searching around trying to figure this out. i didn't get to use the points from the cleric guild and i am told that i lost those. now i am in the druid guild and i still don't know how to use them.. someone please help.
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Postby DONIHR » Nov 21, 2005 (10:59 pm)

In every guild there is one room in where you can "RAISE" your stats. It's only a matter of finding that room in your guild, or if you can't find it, ask a fellow druid to show it to you the first timw. The way you can recognise that room is that in most cases the training room has a sign in it on which it says that you can raise your abilities in that room. And no I don't think you've lost your points from cleric guild, what you SHOULD have lost are only the cleric titles.
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Postby WONDERWOMAN » Nov 21, 2005 (11:00 pm)

you have to go to the right room within your guild and 'raise' a stat...such as "raise strength" or "raise int"
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Postby BRANDON9741 » Nov 23, 2005 (11:20 am)

Sorry i'm way late on this post. In the druid guild it's the same place as Fyialo. RAISE <STAT>
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