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Sick of Jungatha

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Sick of Jungatha

Postby GROGORKNIGHT » Feb 26, 2005 (6:28 pm)

I do not know if I speak for anyone else. But I am bored with jungatha. Can we please have something else to fight in their cap range. I mean they are prolly one of the most boring and the range they start and cap in is soo high it sucks. I do not usually complain much so here
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Postby GROVENBURGER » Feb 26, 2005 (10:25 pm)

Har! :twisted: Now ye know what all the older folks used to feel like when Jungatha's were the highest level critter in the game, and we couldn't even gain experiance after grey's stopped teaching. At least once you reach that level you don't have to stop advancing since now there are dracs and the swamp creatures to look forward :shock: to!
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jungathas are fun

Postby KUNGFUFREAK » Sep 2, 2005 (12:56 pm)

Think of it as a trial we all had to go through, Once you're done you'll be so much better for it :-p We've all whined and gripped about jungathas and how we wish there was something else. Nothing ever changes though... It's what makes ya the man or woman you are :-p

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