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Stealth in the combat rewrite

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Stealth in the combat rewrite

Postby Guest » Feb 25, 2005 (7:59 am)

Curious to see if a couple of things will be changed with the new combat system

1)Dieing while hidden will make you come out of hiding.
Really hopin this gets put in. Not very many people around Eaxia with good search and when your still hiddin while your dead you're screwed.

2)Being attacked while hidden
Will this be changed? Kinda ticks you off when someone who can't see you can still kill you :\
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Young Forums Adventurer
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Postby SHAGGGYONE » Feb 27, 2005 (11:14 am)

^^^^^^^^ Me by the way forgot to log in
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Veteran Forums Adventurer
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Postby HRFAITH » Apr 22, 2005 (3:59 am)

I'm going to have to chime in here and ask for what was asked above, and ask for being able to retreat while hidden.

There are far too many (IMO) things one cannot do while hidden...especially for thieves.

Also, will we be able to stalk creatures? Please?
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