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Bleeding Zombies?

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Bleeding Zombies?

Postby OPHELIA » Feb 9, 2005 (10:36 am)

Ok, this is way out there, but here goes...

I dont' use the reanimate dead spell much, but I have always wondered if the zomies I can create, bleed. I have always imagined that zombies would not have warm blood coursing through their veins, being undead and all, so why would they bleed? In Eaxia, they bleed just like a living person.

I think it would be more believable if they could somehow not bleed, though I do see the possibilities of mechanics abuse from it. Sure would be more call for my services, heh, if I could raise a bleeding body and not have them die again. :twisted:

Just my thoughts.

-Plinnya's wicked soul
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