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The Free Subscription Change

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The Free Subscription Change

Postby WONDERWOMAN » Sep 26, 2004 (4:55 pm)

Hi, just a couple questions about the change in the free subscriptions.

1. If you have a free sub. with 2 characters can we choose which char gets "frozen" if we can't make the deadline to get paid accounts?

2. It was mentioned that only one free account per household will be allowed. Will that just be for future free accounts or will that apply to accounts already made also?

I/we will be purchasing account packages very soon, but not sure if we are going to make it before the Sept. 30th deadline.
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Postby GDEXXY » Sep 30, 2004 (8:31 am)

(1) No, you won't be able to choose which character becomes unavailable. It will always be the last character listed on your account. There is currently no available method to re-arranging characters listed on your account.

(2) This has actually always been the intended use of free accounts and not something new. However, due to poor wording, this rule was not clear and so we have not highly enforced it like we intend to do after September 30th. So to answer your question, this applies to future and existing accounts.
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