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typo not sure posting in right spot

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typo not sure posting in right spot

Postby DEMONGAMER » Sep 19, 2004 (2:08 am)

Scared almost witless you follow the steep winding trail as it continues to scale the precipice. A crumpled skeleton lies off to one side on a narrow ledge. The bones are scattered and broken. You can still make out traces of skin and hair clinging to a few of the bones. It would seem that whoever preceded you to this spot met with fatal results. That person now lies here as a jumble of bones with no trace of clothing or possessions to identify him.
Other life here: none.
You also see: <new> (two).
Obvious exits: up and down.

might be a typo on the last part <new> (two)
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New Forums Adventurer
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Postby GDEXXY » Sep 19, 2004 (11:28 am)

Found and fixed. Appreciate the report.. if you don't mind, next time it'd be easier for you and us if you used TYPO or BUG from within the game, since that will record coordinate information for us (and you won't have to navigate the forums to do it).

Thanks again!
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Postby GDPALLIDAR » Sep 20, 2004 (2:12 am)

And be sure to do so in the room where the bug/typo is. ;)
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Eaxia Online senior staff
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Postby GDAREMENTA » Sep 23, 2004 (9:05 am)

Well yeah, that can help. :lol: Good point, thanks. :D
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