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Postby ellisj » Aug 1, 2004 (8:36 pm)

it would be really nice to see another festival or somethin come to town, has been a while since we had a good event. would also be nice to have like a huge invasion or somethin could involve big critters and little critters. would be lotsa fun i think.

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Grand Forums Adventurer
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Re: Invasions

Postby WhispererQ » Aug 2, 2004 (2:32 pm)

I realize it might be difficult to work out the mechanics of it, but if it could be done, a lot of people would be very happy, including me :)

Invasions are nice, but many of them create a problem. The strong adventurers kill weak invaders quickly and grumble about it being too easy. As a result, the next invasion and the ones after that have stronger and stronger invaders until the lower level and weaker adventurers (like I still am, currently) are forced to either stay out of the realm altogether or be at high risk of getting killed because nothing is low enough in strength for us to fight and have any hope of surviving more than a few seconds.

In any video game, whether a fighting RPG like Double Dragon, or an adventure RPG like the Shining/Phantasy Star series, the weakest enemies are the closest to your starting point and the strongest ones furthest away. I would have no clue as to how to work out the mechanics of that, but it gets very frustrating being continually told to stay out of the realm for the sake of your own safety unless you're able to go toe-to-toe with some of the strongest critters in the game, because every one of these invaders will be just as strong.

Holly :)
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Upcoming fun!

Postby GDLISS » Aug 10, 2004 (9:36 pm)

Hey there!
GD Liss here! I think a festival would be a great idea and they are always a lot of fun. Currently, the presence department's priority is weddings, although we have been kicking around some festival ideas/plans as well as working on future quests and player homes. It's good to know that players are looking forward to a festival in the near future! Thanks a bunch for the input! Happy adventuring!
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