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Postby SOMARIA » Jul 19, 2004 (3:55 pm)

I am new, I am Ethae in game, and am a male avian mage (fire/air/maybe aether). I need some help on several things. How should I go about leveling my spells? Is it worth putting extra spell points into lower level spells? Also, at what point should I start hunting things besides goblins and rats, and what is the next step up. I have flamestream as my heavy hitter now (I am level 2...), so where should I head from here?

Also, where is everyone? I have only seen three people in game...one of which (Mack) helped me out a lot, another of which (whose name I can't remember) helped me at the wee beginnings, and the third was having connection troubles...what are peak hours here, and where do people congregate?
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Postby GDEXXY » Jul 20, 2004 (7:57 am)

Welcome to Eaxia, Ethae. We're pleased to have you here.

Most of the players tend to hang out at Semanri, South Town Square. We tend to have anywhere from 10-25 players, depending on the tiem of day. 5pm - 11pm EST are our peak hours.

Feel free to ask for advice and guidance from your fellow players in the Talk To Everyone forum or in-game.

Again, welcome to Eaxia!
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