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Policy and Pollen question

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Policy and Pollen question

Postby FROG » Jul 2, 2004 (10:12 pm)

According to policy 11.9.1 ASSAULT (COMBAT AND OFFENSIVE MAGIC), casting an offesive spell at another character is a policy violation. While pollen is an offensive spell, there is no way to target it, it simply affects everyone in the room. Since this is the case, is hurting someone with it unitentionally a policy violation? If someone attacked me because they were hurt by my pollen, would they be within their right?
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Postby MANIACWILL » Jul 12, 2004 (10:07 am)

I dont work for the game in any way but from how I see it I would think it would depend on if you was being malicioius or if it was like the bug going around. If you casted it in stone giants say and later everyone gets hit with it at sts even though you didnt cast it there would be accidental but if you casted it in a room full of others say at sts it could be construed as an attack at everyone the same as throwing a bomb that hits everyone
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Postby KEVS » Jul 12, 2004 (1:11 pm)

I've heard from other druids of problems with Pollen. You can read more detail of the problems in the druid topic (sorry I dont have a link). Perhaps use a bit of discretion in regards to conflicts until Exxy can look at it.

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