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Melee combat damage (with physical weapons)

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Melee combat damage (with physical weapons)

Postby GDEXXY » Apr 19, 2004 (4:50 pm)

There are likely a number of bonuses you guys may be missing out on by not taking advantage of your class or race's special features -- simply because you're not aware of them or have other preferences in mind. Learn how to use your character's traits to your advantage...

Here are a list of bonuses in combat and how to get them:

Strength Bonus
The more strength you have, the more damage you will do in melee combat. No doubt, you can apply more force behind every weapon strike you make. The effects of raising strength past 25 points isn't as strong, but it still helps. For weapons in your left hand, you only gain about 75% of your Strength Bonus per swing.

Accuracy Bonus
If you know exactly when and where to strike, you have a great opportunity to do as much damage as possible by taking advantage of your opponents weaknesses. The more your attack rating outweighs the armor rating of your opponent, the more damage you will do (up to 200% more damage, or double damage). With a weapon in your left hand, the left hand weapon will only receive up to 25% of this bonus since it would otherwise get in the way of your right hand weapon.

Technique Bonus
Some techniques deliver more damage than others, at the cost of more fatigue and other penalties should you fail to deliver the more difficult maneuvers. Switching to a technique like LUNGE instead of JAB can deliver three times as much damage with a puncture-based weapon, if the attach is successful. Learn to use techniques at the right moment for extra damage.

Racial Bonus, General
Are you a big, stalky character by default? Some races are naturally big and it requires less effort to apply more force. Some races are also naturally smaller and require more energy to apply the same force. Dwarves and Ogres gain small (5-10%) damage bonuses while Drago and Halflings get a small penalty.

Ogres and Barbarians gain automatic bonuses to using blunt objects. Quarterstaffs, clubs, mauls, maces, you name it. While there isn't a damage bonus involved, you do get a 50% chance to recover from all missed attempts, dealing 20% damage instead of 0%.

Elves and Rangers gain automatic bonuses to using bows of any kind. Not only do you get an extra 12% damage bonus up front, but you also get the same 50% chance to recover from missed attempts, dealing 20% damage (plus a small bonus based on character level) instead of 0%.

Halflings and Thieves gain automatic bonuses to using crossbows of any kind. Like with SharpShooters, you get an extra 12% damage bonus up front. Instead of a 50% chance to recover from missed attempts, you get a 33% chance, dealing 33% damage (plus a small bonus based on character level) instead of 0%. This is extremely deadly when combined with a repeating crossbow.

Weapon Material
Titanium, mithril, adamantine are marvelous materials and strengthen the weapon. Not only are they remarkably lightweight, allowing you to swing them with greater precision and deadly accuracy, but they hold an edge far better than other materials, dealing more damage. Beware of their counterparts though, tin, nickel, and copper weapons are rather soft and make heavy and crude weapons.

Magical Effects on Weapons
Magical effects can be found on weapons and also cast temporarily on some. Some magical effects can cause extra damage on every swing, making it a powerful compliment to your other bonuses.

Magical Effects on You
A number of useful spells can enhance your combat abilities, such as almost all of the Bard spells and a good number of Paladin support abilities. Use them to your advantage to quickly cut your opponent down to size.

This is not an all-inclusive list, just a number of handy tips to go about maximizing your character's effectiveness in battle. I hope you find it useful!
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