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Postby GDEXXY » Apr 1, 2004 (12:51 pm)

As you can no doubt tell, we've made a number of changes here at the forums. I wanted to take a moment to tell you exactly what's different and what to expect:

We upgraded to phpBB 2.0.8 (we were previously using 2.0.6) for security purposes and performance perks.

We re-installed the Watched Topics and Favorites mod (a mod is a modification to an existing system). You can add and remove topics to your favorites list at any time. The Watched Topics list works simularly, but you can set threads/posts to automatically be watched when you create a new thread/post or when you reply to one ('notify me automatically of replies'). Because of the differences, we decided to keep both of these mods.

We installed a mod that lets us rearrange categories and topics and allows us to put one category inside of another. We have taken advantage of this by making the forums easier to navigate.

We installed a mod that lets us attach different icons to each folder so we can make the forums more intuitive and easier to use.

We installed a mod that prevents the forum from marking all unread posts as read until (a) you actually read them all or (b) you click the 'mark all topics as read' link from the main forum page. Previously, simply visiting the forums would mark all unread topics as read within a few minutes.

The number of 'views' recorded for each topic will no longer rise for when you view your own topics. For example, if I make a post and view it 10 times, it won't increase the number of views any.

Lastly, we installed a mod that creates a 'Show own topics' link at the main forum page, allowing you to quickly find all topics that you've created or replied to.
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