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Introducing trade skills...

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Introducing trade skills...

Postby GDEXXY » Mar 7, 2003 (8:21 pm)

Trade skills are part of a new system of skills and abilities that your character can participate in. Unlike normal skills, trade skills are something that you need to specifically work hard at in order to become better. Trade skills have nothing to do with your class (guild) or race, so they are generally as easy for you to learn as anyone else.

Most trade skills will be implimented into our professions system where the more frequently you do something, the better you are at that profession (such as leatherworking, weaponsmithing, etc.).

The first trade skill released is skinning, which measures your ability to skin creatures and produce a hide, pelt, claw, etc. that is worth something.

You may check your trade skills at any time by typing SKILLS or SKILLS BONUSLESS (they are listed before your standard skills).
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