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Object updates...

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Object updates...

Postby GDEXXY » Mar 6, 2003 (12:31 am)

This week we have experimented with a number of different database formats. Unfortunately, the tradeoff for convenience with a MySQL format marked a high price in speed. It was so slow that we've switched back to our original database format.

You should be aware of the following:

(1) Objects in rooms (especially homes) may have "exploded" from their containers and are just laying about on the ground. Sorry for this inconvenience, it's a side effect of rebuilding some of our object indexes.

(2) The "old" (from before a week ago) object system bug is now existent again: Putting items inside of a container and then putting that container inside of another container has a high potential for being lost when you log out/leave a room. Avoid this at all costs until this bug is repaired.

(3) Nothing should be missing. If you are unable to find an item, try looking in all of your containers first and if you have a home, check there too. If you can't find your item after that, please e-mail us at ServXXX@XXXXX.XXX

Thanks for your patience and understanding!
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