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General Customer Support will be closed 7/6-7/12

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General Customer Support will be closed 7/6-7/12

Postby GDEXXY » Jul 5, 2004 (3:50 pm)

As I've mentioned before, I will be on vacation beginning Tuesday 7/6 up until and including Monday 7/12. There will be no one physically monitoring the server nor will I have viable access to my general billing an customer support utilities during this time.

While I am gone, please expect the following:
  • All automated billing systems will continue to run normally, like they do while I am at the server.
  • I will have limited access to all e-mail through my cell phone, but will probably not be bale to respond to e-mails directly -- however, if there is an emergency, I have appointed other qualified staff to act on my behalf
  • I will have complete access to game status utilities to monitor and restart the game server in case the server unexpectantly stops (crashes, power failures, etc.)
  • I will have complete access to account maintenance utilities and will not hesitate to suspend account access to anyone who causes problems for the game while I am absent. We will be running a zero tolerance policy while I am gone, so please don't try and take advantage of my absence.
  • My staff can reach me during any emergency by cell or e-mail and will do so if there is a situation that requires my immediate attention.
  • I have written an advanced server monitoring system that will notify my cell phone instantly if the game seems unavailable. In the event that the game is unavailable, I will use my utilities to remote-restart the game server, if available. If we are suffering a power failure (it happens) or some other catastrophy has caused the game to go offline, then it may be much longer.
  • There will be no account suspension appeals during the time that I am gone.
  • I will not be available for instant mesage or chatting while I am gone. I will leave my instant messages 'up' so that you may leave a private message for me, but do not expect a response until my return on 7/13.
There will be other staff who will regularly monitor the game and report any problems to me. Likewise, they will attempt to answer assists as they can, although if you can send the question, comment, bug report, typo report, etc. to www.eaxia.com/feedback instead, we would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you and I'll see everyone when I return!
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