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Not that I don't like it but

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Not that I don't like it but

Postby ANTIHEROIC » May 24, 2004 (8:51 pm)

I figured this was a bug. Even when you're too tired to swing your weapon, you still gain exp from it.


You are too fatigued to be able to attempt that maneuver right now.
[You feel very healthy, are somewhat tired, in a fair position, and are completely balanced.]
[Roundtime: 2 seconds]
You gain a new rank in Greataxe.
[You gain 18 experience points.]
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Postby MANIACWILL » May 26, 2004 (12:25 pm)

I also noticed this and it is highly exploitable Was testing on a character of mine and if you get fatigued and cant swing or off balance enough you can exploit it to get in an (attack) every 1 second really neat if dual wielding as you often get alot of misses and can get overwhelmed or fatigured or off ballance with almost anything. I was testing it and apparently gained 10 ranks on a goblin archer with warhammers. I dont currently carry one so wasnt like i planned on using them but interesting none the less. I assume the game reads it as a swing even though you are unable to attack so gives you credit for it
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