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Foolish me

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Foolish me

Postby arriend » May 24, 2004 (6:15 pm)

Been fooling around with some systems and have just a little bit to report...

As far as barbarians go, the charge is working wonderfully. As for Warcry, I can't have it do a thing to critters of my own level, or the critters right under 'em (Draconian Warriors). The Whirlwind I was able to pull off a hit once, most of 'em missed...but here's the connection I got!

You clutch your longsword tightly before unleashing all of your fury in a powerful whirlwind attack against the Draconian elder!
The elder appears a bit dazed by the attack.
[Roundtime: 4 seconds]
* A Draconian elder rakes his claws at you. You nearly dodge, but the claws barely brushes against your neck, lightly grazing you.
[You feel very weak, are completely rested, in an excellent position, and are excellently balanced.]
[The elder looks to be in near perfect health.]

Eh, guess a "bit" dazed isn't much to be proud of, he didn't take any grand amount of damage and was out of the stun by the time I could try to swing.

Anyhow, haven't tried to disarm anything, things I fight just claw me to death.

Castles is a bit buggy, I'm sure alot of others have seen it..If the oponent has their castle go to 0 it sends the person who wins a bunch more turns...this may have resulted in a few scores to be obtained that wouldn't have been otherwise.

The stun system seems to be lookin' alright to me, but is there any chance to stun the critter?..if not then it seems to be stackin' a bit against the players.

As for the weaponsmithing skill, it moves kinda..well, really really slow. I am not sure if this is intentional or not, but can get anywhere from 0 - 3% from a carve. 3% is pretty rare though...I've raised about 3 times the ranks in carving then in weaponsmithing, which is understandable being that carving is the primary skill to be worked...though one has to be curious if there will be any other way to learn weapon/armorsmithing in the future...any insight on that?
K, hope this has been helpful...


Sorry, forgot to add that with Warcry, it'll stun everyone in the room, even if they're in your group. Not sure if that is intentional either, but if not it'd make hunting with healers alot easier when warcry is used.
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