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health barrier.....

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health barrier.....

Postby ellisj » May 13, 2004 (12:53 am)

Titus's aura appears white.
Tyvalgar's aura appears white.
Goharo's aura appears aqua.
You feel your life drain as you feed the Goharo's life stream from your own.
Goharo's aura now appears aqua.
Xaerin's aura appears white.
Mani's aura appears white.
Baltimus's aura appears bright blue.
You feel your life drain as you feed the Baltimus's life stream from your own.
Baltimus's aura now appears white.
Relindel's aura appears green.
You collapse with exhaustion... the energies of Health Barrier disperse harmlessly as you lay prone, panting for air!

be nice to still get the exp for that heal, also is there a reason people can't see me fall when my spell nearly kills me?

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Postby GDEXXY » May 13, 2004 (12:37 pm)

About the message not being shown to other players (in Health Barrier and Death Struggle): fixed!

About not gaining healing XP: couldn't find a problem, make sure you aren't feeding health into other Healers. If you're sure you aren't, please let me know.
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