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Notice a problem in the game? Suspect a system not working the way it was intended? Report it here or e-mail us at bugs@eaxia.com. Typos can also be reported at typos@eaxia.com.

If you're unsure whether or not something is a bug or not, post an example of the problem here and we'll investigate it.


Postby MANIACWILL » May 12, 2004 (6:35 pm)

there is a bug in this system if you hold a chi blade and use the sheath command it puts the blade in you backpack. This will corrupt the container as the chi blade cant be removed. Figured I would check this system to verify if the command was set properly. I need assastance removing my blades though. DO NOT TRY THIS PLEASE
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Postby ellisj » May 12, 2004 (10:51 pm)

>get dag
You get a platinum-etched punching dagger from inside your silvery knapsack.
You pick up a platinum-etched punching dagger.
You put a platinum-etched punching dagger in a black leather ankle sheath with a silver wolf charm.
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