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wilderness lore bug

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wilderness lore bug

Postby MANIACWILL » Apr 27, 2004 (2:38 pm)

I have found a bug in wilderness lore. Through testing i foraged for about 3 hours and gained 53 ranks of wilderness lore. this only works when rapidly foraging difficult to find items, things that you can forage too easy dont give any forageing exp at all but say you forage branches with 0 wilderness lore you gain 10% exp per branch up to say 10-15 ranks if you continue along and find similarly challenging things to forage you can gain ranks every 20 seconds up untill it no longer gives any exp at all i have gotten to rank 53 but now nothing gives any exp that i can find to forage

Granted i am a ranger but you might want to reconsider the rangers bonuses to this skill on an off note i hardly gain any search skill when i forage and only gained 6 ranks where it should have been 15-20 for all the foraging i did thanks
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Postby trenmarc-eaxia » Apr 27, 2004 (4:12 pm)

you can reach into the 70's with the current foragables... we are promised more difficult foragables in the future.. If you have made to 53 and cant find anything to raise higher your not looking in right spot

Thakon thorn (might be mispelled) is the current most difficult to find foragable. I personally have only found it in one location but Im sure it is found in others too.

As you gain ranks it becomes easier to find the lesser foragables thus you dont learn from them... you know right where to find them.

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Postby GROVENBURGER » May 16, 2004 (5:21 pm)

Actually Jandar has his Wilderness Lore over 90, try foraging in the hibiscus grove
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