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Notice a problem in the game? Suspect a system not working the way it was intended? Report it here or e-mail us at bugs@eaxia.com. Typos can also be reported at typos@eaxia.com.

If you're unsure whether or not something is a bug or not, post an example of the problem here and we'll investigate it.


Postby Goharo » Apr 20, 2004 (2:23 am)

You glance around and then slip into the shadows.
[Roundtime: 5 seconds]
The stone giant closes to melee range on you.
Arkahn drops a steel cage.
* A stone giant swings his boulder at you. You trip but manage to catch yourself in time to only suffer a nick across your neck.
[You feel very healthy, are completely rested, in an excellent position, and are excellently balanced.]
[The giant looks to be in near perfect health.]

this also applies to PVP a player can hit you melee while your hiding
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