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Empty Vials

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Empty Vials

Postby GMGORAN » Mar 20, 2004 (10:32 am)

I recently noticed that a white vial, when poured out, continues to be a white vial, even when empty. When you take an empty vial that used to hold white potion, you can never use that vial again for anything with the exception of extracting gantaya roots, and even then its still a white potion when you drink it. Are the white potions supposed to make the vial unusable? Also, it is possible to continue to drink an empty vial after any other potion was in it. The effects are reduced greatly, but its still an unlimited supply of potion.
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Re: Empty Vials

Postby GDEXXY » Mar 23, 2004 (12:25 pm)

Thank you for reporting a problem with the POUR command and vials!
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