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wizard spells

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wizard spells

Postby BOSE » Feb 7, 2004 (7:04 pm)

You begin chanting the words to summon the powers of the Blizzard spell.
Kelona begins chanting a spell.
Mewles fires his crossbow quarrel at Boseefus but misses.
Mana: -19%
Your spell is not ready to cast yet.
Mewles loads his light crossbow with a crossbow quarrel.
Jezzi fires her crossbow quarrel at Boseefus but misses.
You feel completely prepared to cast your spell.
You gesture at the Boseefus.
You concentrate hard, but don't find the energies to summon the Blizzard spell.

the problem here is not the mana, cause i just got an enhancer, the problem is that it let me prep my spell when i had no mana.

Wizard Josh
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New Forums Adventurer
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Re: wizard spells

Postby GDEXXY » Mar 23, 2004 (12:31 pm)

This should be fixed -- how is it now?
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Postby KM7 » May 25, 2004 (3:40 pm)

On the Topic of wizards, I can not find guildleader Guuo in his office, is he invisible?

[Wizard's Guild, Opal Spire, Guuo's Office]
Guuo sits behind an oversized walnut desk, practically buried in scrolls and manuscripts (both he and the desk). Lamps extend from the wall in an odd slant and provide a strange and almost unnatural light throughout his office. Charts and models line the walls, covering almost all space not already occupied by a light fixture or bookshelf.
Obvious exits: south.
>l guuo
I could not find what you were refering to.
>look guuo
I could not find what you were refering to.
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Postby GDAREMENTA » May 25, 2004 (4:10 pm)

Actually there are a good number of interactive things around town which Area/Rooms is going to eventually address, such as this, but we have quite a good bit of new development on our plate first. :D I'll make sure to add this to our list, thanks for pointing it out.
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