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Goblin Archers

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Goblin Archers

Postby BOSE » Jan 28, 2004 (3:44 am)

I seem to remember when i first came here that the Goblin archers actually shot arrows at ya, and it was a feared thing by lil people. but they don't seem to do so anymore, is there a reason why? didn't know if this was a bug or not so posted it here. figured they really should use bows since they are Archers. :lol:
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Re: Goblin Archers

Postby GROVENBURGER » Jan 28, 2004 (7:08 pm)

I believe they lost their bows during the combat rewrite at the time that bows were 'broken' for everyone and no one has asked about it since, I mean who wants to help arm the critters? :?
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