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Learning capacity

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Learning capacity

Postby trenmarc-eaxia » Nov 26, 2003 (10:28 pm)

Im sure this isnt intentional and was prolly accidently broke during the healing exp fix. My learning capacity maxes after a single kill. Which for my normal hunting style wouldn't be a problem but occasionally like tonight I get in the mood to hunt hard. kinda puts a damper on the hunt when your loosing a good chunk of your learning becuase you hit capacity with your first kill
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Re: Learning capacity

Postby GDEXXY » Nov 27, 2003 (12:04 am)

You're right, of course. I didn't intend to kill things off that harshly. I've released a fix that should be a nice, happy medium.

<<In-Game NEWS>> wrote:11.27.2003 Experience pools were increased by about ten fold on average. Also, absorbtion rates were sped up quite considerably, especially at higher capacities.
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