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appraising gems in jewel shop

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appraising gems in jewel shop

Postby ellisj » Sep 13, 2003 (6:51 am)

this was the only one i tried to appraise cause i wanted to see what it was worth and this is what i got
i never sold it but it said she gave me 49000 gold but i didn't get no gold and still had the diamond

>app diam
The jeweler takes a look at your diamond and her eyes light up. "Wow, this is an amazing piece. I haven't seen a gigantic black diamond for a long time. I'll give you a bit extra for it.", she says.

The jeweler takes your diamond and hands you 49000 gold for it.
You show your diamond to the jeweler. He glances it over and says, "This looks to be worth around 49000 gold."

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