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Ogre pecking order

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Ogre pecking order

Postby GROVENBURGER » Jul 27, 2003 (1:12 pm)

My monk just made 10th level and I went back to mages planning on finally gaining some decent experiance from the fierce Ogres now but this is what I was seeing happen.

Type .....@ 9th...... @ 10th
Purple.....15-18...... 6-8
Green .....28-30....... 16-18
Dark ......... 70 ........... 55
Fierce........ 8 .............. 1-4

Now has the pecking order changed on Ogres/Mages? My charisma is somewhat low (11) but has not changed either. Shouldn't the Fierce Ogres that deal the big damage still be good for my level now or has something changed? :?
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Postby GDEXXY » Aug 9, 2003 (3:31 am)

Pre-combat 2.0, they used to be:

purple ogre mage: 4th level (base value 100 XP)
green ogre mage: 5th level (base value 150 XP)
dark ogre mage: 6th level (base value 200 XP)
fierce ogre: 7th level (base value 80 XP)

After combat 2.0, they are now:

fierce ogre: 4th level (base value 40 XP)
purple ogre mage: 5th level (base value 50 XP)
green ogre mage: 6th level (base value 55 XP)
dark ogre mage: 8th level (base value 65 XP)

Hope that helps.
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