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Cleric Cure Light Wounds

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Cleric Cure Light Wounds

Postby GROVENBURGER » Jul 27, 2003 (11:55 am)

My baby druid to be was healing up some scratches on hisself in rats today and tried to 'Prep Cure Jandar' and got the following result:
"You don't know the Cure Disease spell."

His spellbook still lists CLW as being prepable as either (Cure/clw) so wasn't a problem but the spellbooks need that fixed in em especially so the new young clerics don't get confused.
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Postby GDEXXY » Aug 9, 2003 (3:32 am)

'Cure' is no longer an acceptable shortcut for 'Cure Light Wounds'. Sorry for the confusion. The correct acronym has been provided in your spellbook now and a NEWS item has been released.
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