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Guild roster...

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Guild roster...

Postby arriend » May 17, 2003 (12:02 am)

I know it's been addressed prior to this, but perhaps this will shed a bit more light on the topic of slow updates to the guild rosters.
I avoided touching the roster until just this eve, after tapping it for the first time it added me right away, but documented the level prior to what I've just obtained. This may be intended, may not, can't really call one way or the other myself, but seems that the bug isn't with updating, but also adding....though it added, perhaps I'm just confused.
Either way, not an urgent situation, I'm sure there's more important tasks at hand up (or is it down) in GM-Land...Have fun!

Thanks again!
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Elder Forums Adventurer
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Postby rikard » May 17, 2003 (1:48 pm)

As a note, I've had it do the same when I've just gained a level and had it put me at my previous, and then tapped it for a different level near the end of my level and had it place me at my current level.
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Postby Rob » May 17, 2003 (3:03 pm)

The roster has always posted my current level. Sometimes it takes like 10 minutes to update my last tap to it.
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Postby GDPALLIDAR » May 17, 2003 (6:06 pm)

We're going to be rewriting the rosters in the near future. :)
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Postby GDEXXY » Aug 9, 2003 (3:35 am)

Rosters are now completely offline until a formal rewrite of the entire system is finished.
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