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Mutating Companion

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Mutating Companion

Postby Histah » May 12, 2003 (6:14 pm)

My cleric Dracaena's wolf periodically and spontaniously mutates into a griffin. It happens while she is out of the game so sometimes when she comes ig it's a wolf and other times it's a griffin...It was a wolf when she got it and while I don't really mind it pretending to be a griffin I wish it would make up it's mind. :lol:
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Young Forums Adventurer
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Postby GDPALLIDAR » May 12, 2003 (7:26 pm)

We can address this for you. Best thing to do is to REPORT to either Exxy or myself if you see us on. You can also email me at gd-pallidar@XXXXX.XXX and we can arrange a time when you'll be around.
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