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Invalid session error

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Invalid session error

Postby Vannod » Apr 12, 2003 (6:30 pm)

(Histah)I was helping Vannod train one of his characters and started to reply to a post in game ideas when i realized I should do that under my own ID...not knowing how to exit the screen i was in i simply back tracked and logged out......I logged in under my own acct and tried to reply but it showed that Vannod needed to log out...it wouldn't let me log him out under either ID so I can't post the reply I wanted to....under either ID.Please fix?
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New Forums Adventurer
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Postby Rob » Apr 12, 2003 (6:49 pm)

Yes I have that same error
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Postby GDEXXY » Apr 26, 2003 (1:43 pm)

This is a problem with the message board system we use and I'm not sure what causes it... and worse, I'm not sure how to fix it.

I've only seen it when I've changed my user ID from "Admin" to "GameDirector Exxy", but after logging out and back in, I didn't see it again.

If you can give me detailed instructions on how to reproduce this error and send it to me at webmaster@XXXXX.XXX, I'd very much appreciate it. Thanks!
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