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selling Gems

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selling Gems

Postby Guest » Apr 12, 2003 (3:27 pm)

i was sellin a feww of the new gems to see what they were worth and when i got to the Red Coral it said this>

The jeweler takes a look at your coral and her eyes light up. "Wow, this is an amazing piece. I haven't seen some red coral for a long time. I'll give you a bit extra for it.", she says.

but i didn't get any money for it.. thanks

Postby arriend » Apr 12, 2003 (3:55 pm)

Just as a helpful tip, to see what they're worth, don't sell. Simply use the new appraisal system, walk in with the jewler and appraise it, he'll tell you what he'd give you.
Also, I've noticed the same with selling more expencive gems...it won't state the amount given, but if you watch your gold count you'll see an increase in money. I believe those coral bits go for around 300 or so gold, and around 460 after it is shaped.

Hope I was able to assist with what little knowledge I have.
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Postby Rob » Apr 12, 2003 (5:09 pm)

Plus I'll buy your gems from you!(and other will too)
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Postby GDPALLIDAR » Apr 12, 2003 (6:30 pm)

Thanks, I received a bug report on the sale message thing, as well. I'll be checking into it. :)
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