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Bug with STOW Verb

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Bug with STOW Verb

Postby KANSSHRE » Feb 9, 2008 (12:38 am)

Was disabling boxes earlier on and noticed this:

>l in chest
You look in the titanium chest and see a smoky quartz crystal and a small chunk of amber.
>stow quartz in my pou
You get a smoky quartz crystal from a frosted blue opal clasped pouch.
You put a smoky quartz crystal in a sturdy leather journey pack.

The harsh weather takes its toll on you.
>get quar from pack
You get a smoky quartz crystal from inside your journey pack.
>put quar in pou
You can't put a smoky quartz crystal in there because the blue pouch is closed.

I tried to stow the quartz crystal into the pouch directly from the chest (this has been working fine for me), but it apparently defaulted to the identical one IN my pouch and moved it to my pack, which is my default 'stow' container.

Problem was, the pouch was closed and the gem still got pulled from it and stuck in my pack. Doesn't seem like that should be happening. :]
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