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bramblebrook pouches

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bramblebrook pouches

Postby SURINEN » Jan 6, 2006 (10:32 pm)

From your best estimates, it looks like a black silk tabacc pouch is some miscellaneous object.
It is a container and can be opened and closed.
It is currently empty but looks like it could hold a total of about zero pounds of weight.
You seem to think it may be worth around 1362 gold pieces.
[Roundtime: 8 seconds]

Seems it's not fixed to hold things or be worn. Would be great to have both of these available!
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Postby trenmarc-eaxia » Jan 7, 2006 (7:25 am)

The tabacc pouches and humidors in the Bramblebrook smoke shop are now fixed. I appoligize for any inconvience.

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