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Bug bug

Notice a problem in the game? Suspect a system not working the way it was intended? Report it here or e-mail us at bugs@eaxia.com. Typos can also be reported at typos@eaxia.com.

If you're unsure whether or not something is a bug or not, post an example of the problem here and we'll investigate it.

Bug bug

Postby SURINEN » Dec 9, 2005 (5:44 pm)

It must just be something to do with wording.

>You are too fatigued to be able to attempt that maneuver right now.
[You feel completely healthy, are completely rested, in an excellent position, and are excellently balanced.]
[Roundtime: 1 second]

and at the same time...

Health: You feel completely healthy.
Fatigue: You are completely rested.
Balance: You are excellently balanced.
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Postby GDEXXY » Dec 15, 2005 (6:52 pm)

This isn't a bug, just misleading. It's a generic failed message and it happened to pick that reason. The new combat system should be more clear about general combat failures.
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