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Old quest weapon bug

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Old quest weapon bug

Postby GROVENBURGER » Nov 17, 2004 (9:44 pm)

You slice your dull spoon at the goblin and land an awesome strike.
A green goblin makes a wet gurgling sound before tipping over and laying still.
The green goblin slumps over dead at your feet.
Your mind is cluttered from your previous experiences and you find it difficult to learn anything new from the fight with the goblin. You think you should probably seek your guild leader and ADVANCE to your next level so you can clear your head some.
You gain 1 experience.
[Roundtime: 4 seconds]
You gain a new rank in .
[You gain 16 experience points.]

Should be You gain a new rank in Unarmed Small Strike according to what I am learning I believe

Unarmed Strike Small: 8 (0%)

Old bug- has always been this way just would be nice to clear it up sometime- if ayone has the Unarmed medium strike (Rock or Stone I think it was) it used to be the same way.
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