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Postby 3V1LBUSHIDO » Sep 11, 2004 (9:16 am)

Just starting a mage and im curious to see my spells and what they do.

In the game i was intructed to use command SPELLS to see my available spells, (which works) and to use SPELL INFO <spell name> or SPELLS 1, SPELLS 2 etc. to see those level spells.
Whenever i use SPELLS command it lists my 3 recently learned spells.
Using SPELLS 1 or SPELLS 2 etc. it doesnt list a thing, as if i dont know anyspells.
When I use SPELL INFO it advises that i have never heard of the spell, even though i use it while hunting.

Has this not been created yet, or am i doing something wrong?

p.s. - any news on the necromancer guild?
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Young Forums Adventurer
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Postby GROVENBURGER » Sep 11, 2004 (12:37 pm)

Since the new magic for mages (Elemental magics) the spell 1, spell 2 method no longer works/is used for mages (and I assume wizards).
It still works at the moment for Cleric guild magics (and the spin off guilds - Druids,Healers and Paladins). So you have a case of one type of magic using one system and the other type using a differant one until more rewrites are finished. So you are not doing anything wrong , just a case of the system not being completely rewritten yet.

'Spells' should list all spells you know as a mage. The spell info is out of date for most mage spells (Locate and the wizard teleport spells should still be correct). The new Druid spells also suffer from the lack of 'Spell Info'. Hopefully this will be corrected in the near future. :idea: Perhaps we could get the information into the Library or posted here at least for players referance?
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Postby 3V1LBUSHIDO » Sep 11, 2004 (1:54 pm)

k...thanks, that answers my question

cant wait for the updates :twisted:

Nothing on Necromancer though?
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Young Forums Adventurer
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Postby GDEXXY » Sep 12, 2004 (1:27 pm)

3V1LBUSHIDO wrote:Nothing on Necromancer though?

Nothing new -- still working on it.
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