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crossbow kills

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crossbow kills

Postby SMARK » Aug 26, 2004 (12:26 pm)

No progress towrd the next skill rank is made with a deathblow from my repaeting crossbow. I never noticed before, but now That I can actualy kill stuff wiht my crossbow it has become apparent. :D

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Crossbow kills

Postby Guest » Sep 24, 2004 (12:55 pm)

Light Crossbow: 7 (48%)

Your attack inflicts massive amounts of damage!
You fire your quarrel at the buccaneer and the quarrel lands a heavy strike.
A grungy buccaneer makes a wet gurgling sound before collapsing.
You gain 71 experience.

Light Crossbow: 7 (48%)

Crossbow is very difficult to learn as it is, since we get 1% for attempts and nonkill hits....can't we get like 5% on kills? Surely, we shouldn't be learning 0%!

Postby 3V1LBUSHIDO » Sep 24, 2004 (1:09 pm)

perhaps you are gaining like %0.5 to your skill level? or some other number less than 1 :cry:
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Postby GDEXXY » Sep 30, 2004 (8:33 am)

No, this is a known bug with ranged weapons. Been reported a number of times (here at the forums and through private, bug-reporting options).

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