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Notice a problem in the game? Suspect a system not working the way it was intended? Report it here or e-mail us at bugs@eaxia.com. Typos can also be reported at typos@eaxia.com.

If you're unsure whether or not something is a bug or not, post an example of the problem here and we'll investigate it.


Postby SOMARIA » Jul 23, 2004 (3:29 pm)

This is a really minor bug, but whenever I join the game, I shake off the stun as my first action. I rarely get stunned in game, so I shouldn't be shaking stunning off.
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Young Forums Adventurer
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Postby BRANDON9741 » Jul 23, 2004 (11:07 pm)

Happens to everyone.
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Postby DEMONGAMER » Sep 27, 2004 (2:18 am)

well not only that but when you get stunned from something you can stand up and the little figre at top still shows you are stunned, just something ive noticed not sure if its random occurence
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