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Postby ellisj » Jul 1, 2004 (12:10 am)

[Kestrel Point Beach, Clearing]
The ground is springy with soft, bright green mosses. Willows border the clearing while the wind whispers through the branches. The fresh scent of growing plants perfumes the air. A square area of soft moss makes an ideal place for dancing.
Other life here: none.
You also see: a mystical tunnel glowing and rippling with flickers of bright red light.
Also here: Village Idiot Tyvalgar, Grandmaster Thief Jezzi, and Blazing Lord Rohan.
Obvious exits: east and south.
>dance trist
You continue to dance with Tristin.
>dance bose
You continue to dance with Boseefus.
Rohan draws Jezzi in close, holding her tightly as they dance face to face in soft motions.
>dance ry
You continue to dance with Ryarter.
>dance kelona
You continue to dance with Kelona.

can dance with anyone anywere in the game from this room!
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Postby KEVS » Jul 1, 2004 (1:59 pm)

You mean Tyv didn't really come all the way out to ogre mages to dance with me? It was all an illusion?!?

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Postby BRANDON9741 » Jul 1, 2004 (6:32 pm)

well....me and kelona were in the ballroom and everyone was dancing with us and they were in STS :?
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