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I died from falling?

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I died from falling?

Postby FROG » Jun 27, 2004 (5:19 pm)

In the giants where you have to climb the face to get to the rock giants, I fell and... Umm...

You feel rather worse for the wear from your fall.
The force the impact is too much for your body and you feel yourself slipping as your vision goes black...

Alas, you have fallen to the grip of death!

[You are currently dead. You may wait for someone to come to your rescue or you may type 'RELEASE' to release your spirit from your body. Releasing will cause you to lose 1839 experience points and all of your inventory will be left in a grave. If you dropped anything, it runs the risk of being permanently lost, so you may want to find someone to watch your belongings. When you release your spirit, the local Mage guild will resurrect you into a new body automatically.]

But I didn't die. My vitality went down immensly, but I was still alive.
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Postby MANIACWILL » Jun 28, 2004 (12:44 am)

Not to mention we all got this nifty message that you had fallen to your death. Stop falling off cliffs and this wont happen. tickles
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Postby GDEXXY » Jun 29, 2004 (10:45 pm)

Hmm... I'll take a look at this when I get back from vacation.
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