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Skinning Oddness

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Skinning Oddness

Postby HRTKIRO » Jun 21, 2004 (10:26 pm)

Just something I've noticed, recently.

Skinning: 16 (95%)

>skin corpse
Your lack of experience with skinning this creature proves true as you damage the ghoul corpse beyond the ability to skin it.
[Roundtime: 8 seconds]

Skinning: 17 (9%)

Two weird things, here.

1. Each attempt at skinning gets me 14%. That seems like a lot more than I was getting, and a lot more than any other skilll gives me as far as I know.

2. There was no message saying I had obtained the rank.

A little more testing shows that actually getting a ghoul skin nets me ~2%

Just thought I'd mention this as it seems a bit 'off', to me. :P

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Postby GROVENBURGER » Jun 21, 2004 (11:18 pm)

Skinning was made easier to learn in the last couple days, especially for Rangers - that why you gaining faster, and that lil glitch of getting one teaching little has always been in the system, not sure if anyone ever complained though :shock:
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