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Notice a problem in the game? Suspect a system not working the way it was intended? Report it here or e-mail us at bugs@eaxia.com. Typos can also be reported at typos@eaxia.com.

If you're unsure whether or not something is a bug or not, post an example of the problem here and we'll investigate it.


Postby SHAMAN » Jun 14, 2004 (11:39 pm)

i thought i should have posted this the other day but for some reason i didnt, an so im posting now...

i had been gone fora while and upon returning ive learnd that for some odd reason stone giants are giving me kill exp of between 8-21 exp per kill, i was at a point in my life where stonies werent given me anything for quite sometime before i left. at first i thought maybe when all the new critters came out some of the older ones got a boost or bump or something but... in anycase i think someone needs to look into this an untill then i think ill stay outta giants. my apologies for what has now become apparent to me as a misuse of a bug issue.

ps ive gained about 6000 exp off of this mistake if those in power feel they should put them back on me.

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Postby GDEXXY » Jun 15, 2004 (8:24 am)

You may have been under level for them before. I'm not going to acknowledge this as a bug without knowing what your level is, if you hunted with a group, etc. Very important factors.
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Postby MANIACWILL » Jun 15, 2004 (11:59 pm)

so an update on the stone giant thing i am level 46 and i normally get about 15-20 exp for them and I am high for them this might help determine if they are giving proper exp
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