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ponders this one

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ponders this one

Postby SHAMAN » Jun 14, 2004 (12:51 pm)

not sure if this is a bug or not.

but it seems the ammount of expierence needed in magickal devices seems to change between each rank, like insted of when you rank it saying you have 25.00, myne started with like 25.17 and then went up as i gained more skill..the last time i learned a lesson it was at someplace like 25.30 or something.

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Postby ellisj » Jun 14, 2004 (10:17 pm)

uh Ty, your an elf, you get a bonus.. when ya gain a rank try skills bonusless. elves get bonus to using magical devices

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Postby GDEXXY » Jun 15, 2004 (8:21 am)

Skill rank messages depend on your raw rank in a skill without bonuses. Type SKILLS BONUSLESS to list your skills without any bonuses or penalties.
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