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That *is* some heavy rain!

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That *is* some heavy rain!

Postby ANTIHEROIC » Jun 8, 2004 (2:20 am)

The light rain becomes a heavy rain that soaks you and your surroundings. The rolling sound of thunder and occasional flashes of lightning seem to follow you.
>wear shield
You sling a rune-covered spiked shield emblazoned with a towering giant over your shoulder.
>skin corpse
Your lack of experience with skinning this creature proves true as you damage the ghoul corpse beyond the ability to skin it.
[Roundtime: 8 seconds]
[Cemetery, Tunnels]
The smell of decay assaults your nostrils and an overwhelming feeling of foreboding creeps into your being as you inch your way along. Gazing upward at the dirt ceiling you see what appears to be the remains of a rotting casket. Taking a deep breath, you make your way further into the darkness.
Other life here: none.
You also see: a large crack and a ghoul corpse.
Obvious exits: southwest.
You ponder.
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