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more about stun........

more about stun........

Postby saphyre » May 25, 2004 (4:52 am)

Was just fighting elders, and got caught in two stuns in a row, Yet i dont seem to ever be able to stun them, so in this last fight, I had problems with fatique, which prevents me from hitting the, stun which paralyzes me, and on top of that there is always those pesky bleeders that can come out from a fight. Do you want us to be able to fight these.
I've notice that strike dont work against them.
lastly, it seems that I dont hit as hard anymore , and that my rt went down to 2 seconds, like it was a little while back. Was there any change in the fighting added. Had problems with the last warrior i fought and didnt get any experience from it. I'm not too crazy fighting these elders with the drastic lost of power i seem to have had. Chi strike and iron fist dont seem to make a difference. I think we have a balance problem here.....
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Postby Goharo » May 25, 2004 (8:55 pm)

I think bot STUN and BLEEDING should work both ways. If something can make me bleed and stun me I should be able to do the same to it. But then that raises the question least for bleeding well what if it bleeds to death. Then no one gets any exp with the way the system is layed out now. But stun should be both ways.
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Postby BC24 » May 25, 2004 (11:23 pm)

Yup yup. I see it say I've dealt a stun, but I see no result of it. We should be able to stun them with weapons (or fists :P ) without needing the ability stunning fist. As for bleeders, maybe it can be done so that it doesn't bleed out, just weakens it a lot but still needs a hit to kill it, therefore solving the exp prob.
I'm no programer so I don't know what's possible or not heehee. Just throw out ideas and hope one sticks.
-Shana :wink:
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