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Justic system suggestions/alignment matters

Justic system suggestions/alignment matters

Postby COTY » Jul 25, 2005 (2:14 pm)

To whom it may concern,

I know the jsutice system is about to be implimented and was wondering exactly what all that's going to entail. ( didn't see the post on it however i probably over looked it in my haste ). Will matters then be screamed out by a passing citizen like in other rpg's or will you have to report crimes to the guard/court?

Also could we get specific guild alignment titles if at all possible. I know making another guild for those of us who are dark is probably out of the question with everything else going on at the moment. So if our alignment is either good/evil could it be done that our titles then reflect that? For instance currently i'm a lvl 41 Paladin and use my Drago Fighter title because everything else is Holy Armsman, Lord paladin etc. Might it be possible to have persay... page, squire ,Paladin Initiate ( those being base titles) then next would be Holy armsman, holy warrior, paladin, lord paladin... so instead of those since i'm prime Evil at the moment. ( my charecter never has been a kings man or law abiding citizen.)

So from Paladin Initiate.... Demonic, Corrupt, Malicious, ( to take it one step further Alignment/God ) Unholy Knight Kadrak Serenissima a Zak,Ryn,Del Paladin of the night. .. I have a brain fart at the moment so maybe others will have similair ideas and be able to contribute to this in theit own views.

On a different topic ( although still suggestions for game )
Soot, Grime , ashes and other items greatures drop. Can we have it implimented so these items ARE wearable. .. Example.. get soot, wear soot... you rub some grimy soot all over your face ( thus adding htat to our look like the warpaint given out years ago as a god treat )

and last but not least i'll add this last part because i hear rumor that Khal is in the lands again and his pet Yan'tuar is awake from time to time.
Will you be adding an area for them to meet since a player home is kinda tedious if you know what i mean..... i know of a perfect spot.. somewhere dead and lost of mean little demonic things screaming and going bump in the night .....

( you can look in this place and see nothing but can't go in it currently. yes it is a spot on game... have fun finding it :grins: )

Go Crack

You squeeze through a crack in the wall entering a damp tunnel dimly lit by the occasional sputtering torch. Cobwebs hang from the walls and a thick layer of dust coates the passage ahead. Vaguely you can make out a doorway and what appears to be a spiral stairway carved into the rock leading into the darkend abyss. Obvious exits: none ( go crack to get out and go stairway to enter next room )

Go stair
Descending into the unknown you make your way down the steps entering an underground grotto

Underground grotto
A vast network of caves opens before you seeming to stretch endleswsly into the distance. Sunlight filters down through crystal deposits illuminates the area with an unnatural glow. Soot stained niches mark where torches were once placed, their sconches having long since rusted away. Various sized stalagties form a circle of pillars in the center of the grotto, an alter carved from solid granite sits within. Leading one to wonder what use this long forgotten network may have onec been used for.

...... Also for god/godess diety perhaps that could be worked into your guilds/alignment/ special spells/ability traits or something like that with the god or godess you worship if you go to their shrine or something ( i'm sure you can elaborate out there you creative minds ). where a prayer after so many would grant a fovorable blessing from that peticuliar diety.

Just a few ideas
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