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Merchant guild

PostPosted: Jun 4, 2004 (4:34 am)
by saphyre
EEEK, just learned throught the grapevines, that the merchant guilds will never exist. I'm very disappointed about that. Had a character waiting to join that guild. I'd love to know how many people were waiting for that particular guild to open. It's truth that anyone can buy and sell stuffs, but it's not the same than having a character totally dedicated to MAKING MONEY. Well i know that creating an economy for such character can be a daunting process, but it would bring so much flavors to Eaxia. I remember one of my favorite game ever on line, Trade war.... had every thing to do with buying and selling and make a nice profit......
Please people, tell me what you think about a merchant guild....... Saphyre

PS. i have one character at 20th level for over a year ,waiting to be psionist and another one waiting to be a shaman, are those guild gonna be there are they gone forever. I'm just asking because of the planned merchant guild disappearance. Saphyre

PostPosted: Jun 4, 2004 (7:36 am)
It's true: we will not be building a Merchant's guild as originally planned back in beta. The reasons why are simple -- it doesn't belong as one of the classes and is easily replaced by a wide range of subdivisions in Professions.

All of our classes, with some variance, require combat-related activities to advance, whether that's disabling boxes that came from creatures, healing the wounds of someone who's been marred by combat, etc. We've gone to great lengths to distinguish classes and class experience from professions and trade skills. As they are released, professions will open the door for any character to stop concentrating on their adventuring class and work towards a domestic (or even grander) occupation, earning wealth and prestige in other ways than on the battlefield.

Since Merchants would not fit the description of a class and since many of the forthcoming professions are merchants (some are not), you will still be able to persue the kind of gaming lifestyle you had originally planned.

On another note: we have no intentions of discontinuing plans to build either the Shaman or Psionist classes.

PostPosted: Jun 4, 2004 (9:26 am)
If you was really wanting merchant class look at this this way. Now gobbie or djard or saphyre or any of your other classes can now be a merchant without taking away from what they already possess Great news

PostPosted: Jun 7, 2004 (6:29 pm)
:twisted: My merchant to be will just have to go to the dark side, and use the black market! Cackles! Hey I hadn't decided whether to make him a merchant or thief yet- decision made now! :roll:

PostPosted: Jun 8, 2004 (3:47 am)
Exxy-Won's failure is now complete! Welcome to the darkside :D