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Not every things should get stun, or should they

PostPosted: Jun 4, 2004 (4:19 am)
by saphyre
i've noticed that even undead can get stunned in combat.....I dont think that a specter should ever be stun. The monk strike command makes the difference, But than i think that jungantha and elder should be stun with the strike command......well better get out of here, i'm confusing my self, err stunning myself with confusion........ Saphyre

PostPosted: Jun 4, 2004 (9:14 am)
Oh and are fists sposed to be able to stun like normal weapons, a chance on every attack? Or are we limited to only stunning when we use stunning fist.

I was also wondering why warriors/elders/jungatha's are not stunnable.

PostPosted: Jun 4, 2004 (9:46 am)
I'm not sure if you're meaning they arent stunnable with the stunning fist, or just not stunnable in general. I've seen Baltimus stun warriors and elders, and Malynn has stunned Jungatha's. So it might be because of the martial artist thing, or you could have been meaning you can't stun them with the stunning fist. Either way hope it helps.

PostPosted: Jun 4, 2004 (10:29 am)
by BC24
I'm able to stun skeletons with my dagger but not with stunning fist. (I get a message saying that they can't be stunned or something... I'll try it out again and post the right one).

-Shana :wink:

PostPosted: Jun 4, 2004 (10:37 am)
by BC24
Here it is...

>strike ske
You can't stun a lesser skeleton.

You slash your bronze dagger at the skeleton and land a heavy strike.
Your attack sends the lesser skeleton into a light daze!

Heh... well that doesn't make sense.

-Shana :wink:

PostPosted: Jun 4, 2004 (11:23 am)
Everything can be stunned with weapons, except fists.

Stunning fist doesn't work on alot of things. Like undead, jungatha's, warriors etc.

We're saying Stunning fist should work on jungathas, warriors, and elders, while they currently don't. We also think weapons should not stun on undead etc, which they currently do. Atleast thats what im sayin, i think thats what Saph wanted too.

Also i would like fists to stun like weapons, if possible heh. They are my main weapon, and it stinks to whip out my dagger with 200 less ranks and start stunning stuff left and right. Spells ought to as well, if they currently don't. Since the stuns are being cause by damage being caused it shouldn't really matter the method, weapon or magic.

PostPosted: Jun 5, 2004 (8:20 am)
You're right. End of story.

A lot of you other players feel compelled to argue against something that another player wants to report to the staff. Please, it is our job to respond with a "yes" or a "no" on the "is this broken?" question. Let us do our job and we won't have half the game upset and frustrated, bickering at each other over whether changes need to be made.

Stuns aren't quite where we want them.

Combat isn't quite where we want it.

We're getting there -- it's a work in progress, and Martial Artists had it good for a very, very long time and will be fixed up even better when their guild rewrite comes through. No one needs to get upset that other characters can begin to stun creatures now too. But STRIKE (Monk/Martial Artist ability) and CHARGE (Barbarian ability) will get some great changes to it in time.