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2006 Update Summary

2006 Update Summary

Postby GDEXXY » Apr 5, 2007 (12:48 pm)

This list is incomplete as many updates were unrecorded and staff development has been increasingly combat-oriented, especially in recent months. Some events, new areas, etc. are also not listed below and multiple updates to the same system were compressed into the most newest entry.


01/03/06 DANCE fixes
01/03/06 SCRATCH updates (racial verbs, new locations, corpses, etc.)
01/05/06 Ammunition and catalog fixes for Graddle's Forge
01/05/06 WAIL, SCOLD, FLINCH, and BECKON added
01/05/06 Romance In Time catalog updates
01/05/06 Toolin's Tavern menuboard updates
01/07/06 COMPARE and STRANGLE fixes
01/08/06 Cal'Ziz Bakery menu updates
01/08/06 Forest of Ap-Rynarion spikes released
01/09/06 Typo fixes in the Freida's Fru Fru, Men's Wear catalog
01/10/06 Typo fixes for the etherium shard in the Crystal Caverns
01/11/06 Spell descriptions for all Necromancer spells and trainable Elemental spells may now be viewed in game via SPELL INFO, if you have learned the spell. In addition, the official spell library has been updated with all current spells of all magic types. Enjoy!
01/11/06 HELP COMMANDS list updates
01/12/06 You should now gain appropriate experience for NPC kills from barbs, spikes, blades, Unholy Aura, and Rhadam's Curse.
01/12/06 Enhancement-enchanted magic items will once again increase attack rating instead of decreasing it.
01/12/06 You should no longer see odd, large numbers in INFO for attack rating.
01/12/06 Typo fixes for stone giants
01/12/06 STRETCH updates (self target addition)
01/12/06 THRASH fixes
01/13/06 Typo fixes for Dipple's Tavern food and drink
01/13/06 Typo fixes for Fanciful Glitters And Things catalog
01/14/06 Re-connecting to a ghosted character will no longer display arrival messages if you are hidden or invisible.
01/14/06 REROLL'ed characters will now correctly lose all skills and any earned titles from the trainable spell system (for Mages and Wizards). Likewise, joining the Necromancer guild from the Mage's guild will now correctly remove earned titles from the trainable spell system.
01/14/06 New character management system launched
01/15/06 Avians and male Rurowli may now make use of the BRAID/UNBRAID and TIE/UNTIE commands.
01/15/06 The Barbarian guild foundry is now open. Access limited to guildmembers only.
01/17/06 Some typos have been fixed in various systems: "agressors", "disolvents", "distored", "exclaming", "metalurgy", "radient", and "suroundings".
01/18/06 A fix was made to Druid barehanded combat, which was giving far more damage than it should have. Druids who were previously monks still do not gain their unarmed combat bonuses (now that we have shapeshifting).
01/18/06 A fix was made to Avian wings, which were not retaining their feather color. If you are an Avian or Half-Avian and missing your desired feather color, please ASSIST for the staff to relocate you to the character management system to rechoose this feature.
01/18/06 Updates to Draconian warriors
01/19/06 Several optimizations have been made to how the game engine handles the creation of objects in its database, which should eliminate most, if not all, of the general lag issues when items are created in batches, particularly during treasure drops.
01/19/06 In an effort to reduce overall system lag, several changes have been made to the operations of our partner product, Haelrahv, and some backup processes that operate using the same hardware that the Eaxia Online game engine is also located on.
01/19/06 Fixes to SKILLS
01/19/06 Bard guildleader Keith Toran will no longer tease his guildmembers with sly grins and taunts of a new spell upon advancement if he has nothing new to teach.
01/19/06 The most common cause for critical game faults that cause the game to shut down and automatically restart involves NPC critical attacks against players (damaging an area that causes an instant death). This bug should now be fixed, which should reduce the frequency of game faults considerably.
01/20/06 Uncommon and rare Draconian spawns added
01/20/06 Typo fixes in TIME
01/24/06 Infamy system pre-release

02/10/06 Fixes to mage and wizard trainable magic spellcasting system

There were were only a few minor updates in March due largely to the training and hiring of many new staff beginning 3/7/06.

04/03/06 Mystical Anchor spell updates
04/03/06 Vault system updates
04/04/06 Updates to SKILLS, including fixes and how they're displayed
04/15/06 Health Barrier spell updates
04/24/06 Race/class combination titles added to TITLE

05/03/06 LEAN updates
05/04/06 MESSAGE added
05/04/06 Mood charms released
05/13/06 CACKLE updates
05/19/06 Imbuing system released
05/19/06 Treasure system updates
05/23/06 the SPELLS command and format has had a facelift, eliminating the need for the SPELLS 1, 2, 3, etc. subcommand.
05/23/06 you can now RUB some imbued resources (the ones that can add weapon damage and minor spell protection) to grant temporary magic shields. This applies to most of the Wizard-imbued items, but other classes have similar imbues. The shields last for five minutes or for the first time you would be damaged by that type of attack and the degree of protection is exceptionally high.

06/02/06 some of the intense magic bonuses to mage and wizard trainable spell damage has been fine-tuned to be more in line with other types of attacks.
06/02/06 upon death, characters will lose all experience in their training experience pool that has not been converted to knowledge experience yet.
06/02/06 upon resurrection, characters will now receive a temporary penalty to ability scores and experience earned for a short duration while they recover.
06/21/06 sandpaper can be purchased correctly again in the forge. White sand and raw hops are for sale in the forge. Honeysuckle flower and orange pumpkins can now be foraged (but are both only found in specific terrain types).
06/28/06 you can now prevent individual characters from healing you by using the ALLOW and DENY verbs. By default, anyone who is not specifically denied from healing you will be allowed. This includes all healing spells (cure light wounds, restoration, cure poison, etc.), indirect healing (health barrier, death struggle, etc.), life-giving magic (resurrection, reanimate dead), and the TEND verb. Enjoy!
06/29/06 Curative spell updates (alignment)
06/29/06 TEND updates (alignment)

07/02/06 Stealing system updates
07/02/06 DRAG fixes (now allows dragging through GO exits)
07/03/06 Enchanting system fixes and updates
07/03/06 Imbuing system fixes and updates
07/03/06 New account suspension system released
07/14/06 the Barbarian ability CHARGE can no longer be used in safe rooms.
07/16/06 the spells Frost and Frost Fist spells are once again castable.
07/18/06 the bug causing Avian wing colors to reset has been fixed. Please ASSIST if you would like the opportunity to reselect your Avian wing color.
07/18/06 the bug causing your experience pool to *NOT* be cleared upon death has been fixed. Your experience pool should now clear when you die.
07/19/06 the Barbarian ability CHARGE will now leave skinable corpses (if the creature you killed with CHARGE was supposed to be skinable).
07/20/06 PUSH updates
07/20/06 TOUCH updates
07/20/06 Update to the Castles game
07/21/06 BABBLE updates
07/22/06 Backstab will once again properly work on the creatures it was intended to.
07/22/06 Bash will attack whatever target you're at melee with if you use it by itself. This helps confusion with the barbarian Bash ability to destroy trapped boxes.
07/28/06 Updates to Semanri elites
07/28/06 Malistofe invasion and plotline event launched

08/01/06 APPLAUD updates
08/01/06 Crystaline Slab plotline event launched
08/08/06 item protection in newer-style homes has been repaired (all homes created within the last two years). Items in a house should deny access to people who are not the owner or designated guest.
08/08/06 spider web backpacks have been repaired. They will now only allow you to OPEN or CLOSE them if you own the backpack (if it's in your posessions or inventory).
08/08/06 the PLEAD verb will now produce the right messages depending on the object's location (if you are PLEAD'ing at an object).
08/09/06 in response to overwhelming popular vote, necromancers can once again spread madness throughout the lands with their ability to reanimate the dead into zombies (DENY HEALING does not apply to them). Please note that our player policy has been updated to allow consentual player-versus-player actions against Necromancer characters at will (section A safehaven for Necromancers is located within certain parts of their guild, of which only they can access. Furthermore, only Necromacer's can tune crystal fragments there. To accomodate this change, Garren has relocated his office downstairs.
08/29/06 Monk STRIKE ability fixes
08/29/06 Trulinda's Makeup catalog updates
08/29/06 STOW and SHEATH fixes
08/29/06 Bramblebrook swing fixes
08/29/06 Gussie's Goods catalog updates

There were were only a few minor updates in September due largely to the training and hiring of new staff beginning 9/18/06.
09/12/06 the Teaching system is now online! You can TEACH skills to each other for passive skill gain. Enjoy!

10/31/06 Qumbrin's Costumes catalog updates

11/12/06 Exxy is out of town until 11/30/06 visiting family for his birthday and Thanksgiving

12/10/06 we're pleased to announce the launch of the Eaxia Online player-driven Wiki at www.eaxia.com/wiki! Feel free to contribute information, stories, and all things Eaxia related in the true spirit online collaboration!
12/19/06 a series of Homes 2.0 upgrades have been released, including the ability to purchase furniture (from a soon-to-be-released store), the ability to have furniture delivered and displaced (appraise furniture in your house to check if it's displacable) -- which lets you move furniture from one home to another, and the ability for us to more smoothly and efficiently create multiple-room homes. Enjoy!
12/20/06 a new furniture store has opened up on Mercy Lane, in Semanri! When you buy furniture from there, the item will be delivered to the home of your choice. Simply purchase the item, then go to the home and type HOME FURNITURE for futher directions. Happy shopping!
12/22/06 effective immediately, tin nuggets, gold nuggets, and curing salts can no longer be found in the Semanri Forge. The shop sells mining picks, though, and you may harvest your own by finding mineral deposits and veins of metal throughout the lands of Eaxia. You should start seeing some of the low-end resource nodes out in the Plains Of The Martyr, for example.
12/22/06 more first-tier resources can be discovered in the ogre caves. Also, second-tier resources can be discovered in the tribal hunters/hell hounds area as well as half-orcs and scorpions.
12/22/06 nodes for tiers 3-6 have been released in a variety of areas. For those of you wondering where gold is, try playing around near giants -- but be sure to have your mining skill in good shape if you expect to dig out anything.
12/22/06 you will now learn Mining skill much more rapidly from nodes that are a little challenging for you. If it is *much* too challenging for you, you will learn only very small amounts of Mining skill.
12/26/06 the entire Character Management System (CMS) will allow you to view your character's features any time after you've selected your race, rather than only near the end of the process.
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